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Surgical Instructions

Surgical Instructions
  1. DO NOT RINSE MOUTH ON DAY OF SURGERY: The next day, rinse mouth gently every 3 to 4 hours (especially after meals) using one-quarter teaspoon of salt to a glass of warm water. Continue rinses for several days, or use Peridex mouth rinse if prescribed.
  2. No spitting, smoking, or drinking through straws the day of surgery. We advise not smoking for 3 days following extractions to avoid getting a dry socket.
  3. BLEEDING: Following extractions some bleeding is to be expected. If persistent bleeding occurs, place gauze pads over bleeding area and bite down firmly for one-half hour. Repeat if necessary.
  4. SWELLING: Ice bag or chopped ice wrapped in a towel should be applied to operated area - one-half hour on and one-half hour off ofr 4-5 hours. You may continue icing the following day if swelling persists.
  5. PAIN: Take the prescribed medications as directed, or use non-aspirin over the counter medication.
  6. WOMEN: Antibiotics can interfere with the effectiveness of birth control medication. Unexpected pregnancies following use of antibiotics have been reported. Other methods of contraception are recommended if you fall into this category.
  7. FOOD: A soft light diet is advised the first 24 hours.
  8. BONY EDGES: Small sharp bone fragments may work up through the gums during healings. These are not roots; if annoying return to this office for their simple removal.
  9. If any unusual symptoms occur, call the office at once.
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